Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garena HoN 2.0 Goblin Store

Garena HoN 2.0 Goblin Shop - Merrick joins Garena HoN
Merrick sets up shop in Newerth!

Click on the picture to zoom in and look at the Garena HoN 2.0 store.

The currency used in Merrick's store is the Goblin Coin.

There are 2 ways with which you can get Goblin Coins:
1 - Play Matchmaking games - For Silver Coins

Each matchmaking game gives you goblin coins depending on your performance in the game. These coins go directly into your bank as silver coins and can be immediately used to purchase all non-premium items in Merrick's Store.

(Matchmaking is unavailable currently but will be completed and available for testing soon)

2 - Exchange Garena Shells for Goblin Coins - For Gold Coins

* Garena Shells are online currency used to purchase items in various Garena games.
* There are 2 a number of ways to purchase these Shells depending on your country of residence.
* Visit and you will be redirected to the page specific to your country.
* Login to the account you want the shells to be credited to (the account you use to login to Garena Messenger before launching HoN)
* Select either a form of online payment, or purchase a Prepaid card and enter its card number and password for the prepaid amount of shells to be instantly added to your account.
* A list of the distributors of such cards is available in the page itself.

After you have Garena Shells credited to your account you can proceed to Merrick's Store to convert them into Coins. Click on the Goblin Store icon in the main interface and click on "Buy Coins"

A dropdown tab will appear and you can select the number of coins you wish to trade for depending on the amount of Shells you have. The conversion will give you Gold Coins that can be used to purchase any item in the store, Including Premium Items.

Convert to Coins, and you're all set to get your account pimped out!

Garena HoN 2.0 Goblin Coins and Store FAQ :

Q : What are the lifespans for the items i purchase in Merrick's Store? Will they disappear after a set time?

A : No, these items will be bonded to your accounts and will not disappear.

Q : Will my items expire when Garena HoN moves to OPEN BETA or its Official Launch?

A : No, these items will carry over.

Q : Will the unspent coins expire or it will carry over when Garena HoN is open beta and official launch?

A : All the gold and silver coins will carry over.

Q : Will my items Disappear if i get banned? Can i Transfer my items to another account then?

A : If you are banned, your items will remain locked in that account, there are no ways for you to transfer items out to another account.

Q : Are the items in Garena Merrick's Store cheaper or more expensive than his international Brother's?

A : On average the store's items are 30%- 50% cheaper than in international HoN.

Q : If i have both silver and gold coins and i want to purchase a non-premium item, how will my gold be deducted?

A : When purchasing items, your Silver coins will always be used first, then it will dip into your Gold coins. There is a coin breakdown showing how many of each type of coin will be used before you confirm your purchase.

Q : What is the conversion rate for shell to coin?

A : 3 packages are available:

100 Shells for 150 Coins
300 Shells for 480 Coins
500 Shells for 850 Coins

We also have a first time purchase bonus which will give the following rate for one time only:

100 Shells for 170 Coins
300 Shells for 550 Coins
500 Shells for 1000 Coins


  1. how to get beta keys .... after i load shells from my account... thnks

  2. Garena HoN is Open beta, which means that no need for beta key, you just need to have a Garena account and log in using Garena Messenger(not the normal Garena client) and click HoN, assuming you already have GHoN installed in your PC

  3. i already bought 300 shells and then converted to 550 worth of coins as bonus for my first transaction, how about i buy another 300 shells and then i let my friend enter it in his account, is it possible that if he buy coins "FOR A FRIEND" and that would be my account, (this is the option given when buying coins in merricks store), would it be 550 coins or 480 coins? bcoz its the first transaction of my friend right? he'll just credit it to my account. plsss need answer.